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Hi and welcome to Lost on 66!

I set this site up to be a really helpful resource on driving the road. As it gets bigger I anticipate that finding posts that you need and that you’ll find helpful might be a little trickier so I’ve created this page to keep everything in order.

If you’re looking to get started on planning your Route 66 trip then bookmarking this page is a good idea as you’ll find all of the links you need to get you started.

What stage of planning are you in?

When you’re planning a trip you might be right at the beginning where you’re just finding information out about if a trip is possible or you might be preparing to go. When you get to each stage you’ll find you need different posts. I’ve tried to design this site with that in mind!

Stage 1 – finding info out about the road

Get your questions answered with these posts all about the road and the logistics of driving it:

Overview posts where I look at the road as a whole:

Stage 2 – ready to book your road trip

Sample Itineraries:

Stage 3 – state by state guides






New Mexico



Side trips:

Stage 4 – Ready to go

Packing list for Route 66

History and Trivia of Route 66

Visiting Route 66 from overseas