Why is Route 66 famous?

Route 66 isn’t just a road that is loved by Americans, it’s famous the world over and each year thousands of people ride along it from Chicago to Santa Monica to fulfil a bucket list item. So why is Route 66 famous and why does it attract so many tourists? As well as having a … Read more

Here’s how you can take your kids to see Radiator Springs in real life on Route 66!

Sheriff Car from the Disney and Pixar film Cars in Kansas on Route 66. The car has been signed by Michael Wallis who is a Route 66 expert and also voices the character

When the makers of Disney Pixar’s Cars decided they were going to make the film they headed straight to Route 66 to get inspiration, learn from the residents and enjoy the stories. While there’s not one single location that is Radiator Springs, you’ll see so many towns that remind you of the make believe film … Read more