Route 66 is an iconic ribbon of tarmac that runs through the US.   It has a lot of nicknames too - let's take a look at some of them...

The Mother Road

Coined from the John Steinbeck book, Grapes of Wrath, the road helped and directed communities hit by the dust bowl drought to a better place: California

Main Street of America

Used in Route 66's hey day as a marketing tool - the Main Street of America.  It highlighted the cultural values of the road - it had a true American spirit!

Will Rogers Highway

Will Rogers was a well loved Oklahoman and performer and the road is dedicated to him.  You'll often find plaques and honors to him along the road.

Great Diagonal Way

This one is little known now but it was one of the early nicknames of Route 66!  I think we can see how it came about!

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