Route 66 traverses a LOT of the USA over 2440 miles and passes through 8 states - but which ones?

- let's take a look at each one it goes through


the starting point of Route 66.  It passes by small town America, retro gas stations and giant roadside icons


Cross the Mississippi and explore the Ozark forests and caves.  You'll also find retro motels and museums.


Only a few miles of Route 66 are in Kansas but still plenty to see like this 100 year old store that's still going!


Everything is big in Texas and Route 66 is no different!  Lots of quirky attractions to see here!

New Mexico

The road and landscape now feels very different.  So much history here from the Spanish colonial past to native Americans


Time to explore some National Parks as you drive through Arizona.  The Petrified Forest is on the Road but the Grand Canyon is also not far.


Finally you arrive in Claifornia, the end of Route 66 and your trip.  You'll find ghost towns, desert and the sprawl of LA!

To discover more about the States that Route 66 passes through check out my blog post and start planning an iconic road trip!