What should you take with you on a road trip along iconic Route 66?

Let's take a look at my "must pack' items...

1. Guide Book

It's not so easy to find all the quirky spots AND stick to the road with Google Maps - a guide book is a must!

2. packing cubes

They keep all your clothes organised, especially since you'll be moving on to a different motel every day

3. hanging toiletry bag

Essential for different motel stops to keep your toiletries upright and being able to hang means not getting it wet.

4. Travel pillow

Helpful for passengers or kids on long journeys - there's 2440 miles of Route 66!

5. Laundry bag

often forgotten - get a travel one that folds up small.  You can easily take clothes to a laundrette to wash throughout the trip.


Prepare for your road trip with this packing list designed specifically for Route 66 (but useful for all!) Swipe up for more!