Renting  Vs  Driving your own car

Which should you choose when driving the iconic Route 66 from Chicago to LA?

Route 66 is an iconic drive and one that many Americans wish to take.

Being 2440 miles long, it begs the question, do you take your own car or not? Let's look at the pros and cons...

Driving your own car PROS

* cheaper than daily rental * you know the car * you can go onto old alignments that are now gravel roads

Driving your own car CONS

* you'll need to drive the whole way back once done * wear and tear on your car

Renting a car  PROS

* you can get the right size for your needs * you can do the journey one way and fly home * you can make it a special trip by renting a luxury or convertible model

Renting a car  CONS

* costly *you need to be careful of going on gravel roads *takes some time to get used to it

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