Route 66 is an iconic road trip that is on many people's bucket lists...

...but how long does it take to drive it?  Do you have enough time to do the trip well?  Let's take a look...

Route 66 is approximately 2,448 miles from beginning to end

you pass through 8 states, 3 time zones and by  lots and lots of quirky roadside stops

You could drive it in 32 hours with no stops

but I'm guessing that way is not how many people would do it.

1 week on Route 66

means an average of 350 miles each day.  This is great if you're tight on vacation time and don't mind driving a fair bit each day

2 weeks on Route 66

means about 150-200 miles each day.  This is a good option but if you want any side trips or time at either end you might still feel rushed.

3 weeks on Route 66

the sweet spot for many.  You can see all there is to see and do around 100-150 miles a day.  Great for those who find long driving days hard

4+ weeks on Route 66

you can take your time, go on side trips and even decide to stop for more than one night on the way so you can really enjoy your trip!

want to know more about driving route 66 and need help deciding on how long it should take you?   check out my guide by swiping up!